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Nutrition Counselling

With busy schedules our nutrition can become unbalanced and irregular, negatively affecting our physical and mental health. Sometimes misinformation or our health challenges can lead us to believe that this is normal or ok. Through our nutrition counselling services we teach our clients how regular, balanced eating provides the mind and body with energy as well as the nutrients it needs for health and wellness.

With our registered holistic nutritionist you will build an individualized meal plan that fits your schedule and health goals. Education is done around food and how it affects mind and body. You can expect to receive grocery lists, meal plans, and supplement suggestions as appropriate. Digestive issues and food intolerances / allergies may also be addressed.

Fitness Counselling

Being active and exercising is important for both physical and mental wellbeing. Did you know that exercise releases “feel good” chemicals that ease depression? Whether you need a coach to move and motivate you on a regular basis or just a few sessions to learn how to integrate fitness into your schedule, fitness sessions at Broadview Psychology include exercises for strength, agility and flexibility based on functional movements and your own individual needs. Your exercise program can be designed to be done both at Broadview Psychology and at home or a gym. Sessions are 1 hour and can be private or with a small group, indoor or outdoor weather permitting.